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In the modern world, obesity is becoming an increasing health and social problem since it is tightly linked to a shortened life expectancy and the development of chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes. In a study published in the first experimental magazine NATURE MEDICINE (impact factor 28.2), with the lead author being Prof. Dr. Simon Horvat (Institute of Chemistry – Department of Synthetic Biology and Immunology/University of Ljubljana – Biotechnical Faculty), a new gene called TST (thiosulfate sulfurtransferase) participating in the defence against the development of obesity and type 2 diabetes was discovered in cooperation with Dr. Morton from Scotland (University of Edinburgh). The basic findings were the genetic and molecular analyses of “slim” and “fat” mouse lines that have been separated into a lower or higher body fat percentage for over 60 generations. In that way, the “natural” genetic variants of either the “slim” or “fat” genes were accumulating in one line or the other, which allows the more efficient discovery of new genes determining resistance to or risk of obesity. Obesity and s