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National Institute of Chemistry is an internationally recognised research agency in the field of chemistry and related disciplines.

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Thursday, 02. April 2015

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Call for the Appointment of the director of the NIC

Ljubljana, 05.03.2015
Call for applications from candidates for the position of Young Researchers for 2014

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Ljubljana, 15.05.2014
Young Investigator

In The Analytical Chemistry Laboratory at the National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia,...

Ljubljana, 09.05.2013

Breaking News

A group of researchers from Slovenian NMR centre at National Institute of Chemistry, EN-FIST Centre of Excellence and Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology University of Ljubljana has determined a DNA structure adopted by GGGAGCG tandem repeats. These repeats are found in the regulatory region of the PLEKHG3 gene that is related to autism. Noteworthy, the new structure consisting of four helical strands is not a G-quadruplex, despite the fact that the DNA sequence is guanine-rich. This unexpected and therefore interesting finding was published in the highly respected journal "Nature Communications" (Kocman and Plavec, 2014 doi:10.1038/ncomms6831). It is amazing that after several decades of structural studies on guanine-rich sequences we have discovered a structure which should by all known rules form G-quadruplex. In contrast to the expected structure in which two G-quartets would sandwich a GCGC-quartet, a new tetrahelical structure has been found. New guanine-rich structure does not only extend the current repertoire of known DNA structures, but provides a fundamental insight