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Publication in Nature Materials

Researchers from Jožef Stefan Institute and National Institute of Chemistry, in collaboration with...

Ljubljana, 15.11.2016
New concept of platinum dissolution for the purposes of green recycling

Metals present the perfect recycling material, since they are completely recyclable and in theory...

Ljubljana, 25.10.2016
NMR Structure of a Triangulenium-Based Probe Bound to a G-Quadruplex

NMR structural study of the interaction between a small-molecule optical probe (DAOTA-M2) and a...

Ljubljana, 12.10.2016
Electrochemical in Situ Liquid Cell Electron Microscopy

On the importance and challenges of a completely new technique, referred as electrochemical in-situ...

Ljubljana, 08.09.2016
Discovery of the Slimness Gene Opens New Therapy Possibilities for Obesity-Related Diabetes

In the modern world, obesity is becoming an increasing health and social problem since it is...

Ljubljana, 14.07.2016