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National Institute of Chemistry is an internationally recognised research agency in the field of chemistry and related disciplines.

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Tenders and public calls

Two open postdoc positions (m/f)

Two open postdoc positions (m/f)

Ljubljana, 25.07.2014
Call for applications from candidates for the position of Young Researchers for 2014

- Call for applications      Annexes:...

Ljubljana, 15.05.2014
Young Investigator

In The Analytical Chemistry Laboratory at the National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia,...

Ljubljana, 09.05.2013

New Pregl Research Centre

In June 2013 we have opened a new Preglov Research Centre with 4000 square meters of modern laboratories with excellent research equipment.

Breaking News

Ljubljana, 3. 3. 2014 – At a special ceremony in the Presidential Palace, President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor conferred a Medal for Services on Prof. Roman Jerala. The Head of the Laboratory of Biotechnology at the National Institute of Chemistry, Prof. Jerala has been awarded the prestigious decoration for his services in establishing Slovenian science and higher education in the international sphere. In his acceptance speech, Prof. Jerala emphasized that his successes were made possible by the cooperation, help and trust of his co-workers at the National Institute of Chemistry and the En-Fist Centre of Excellence. In particular, he highlighted the group of students who wo

Ljubljana, 05.03.2014
The Slovenian-Israeli Day of Science and Innovation, featuring Nobel laureate Dan Shechtman, stressed the importance of encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit

10. Februar 2014 - Grand Hotel Union was the venue for the Slovenian-Israeli Day of Science and Innovation. With this event, attended by more than 200 guests, the National...

Ljubljana, 14.02.2014
The Slovenian Israeli day of science and innovation

Februar 10, 2013, National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia

Ljubljana, 10.02.2014
National Institute of Chemistry Ljubljana once again lead partner of a strategic project

The international strategic project Derelict Fishing Gear Management system in the Adriatic Region - DeFishGear was accepted into financing. The project combines 16 partners from...

Ljubljana, 05.12.2013
Winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2013 is working with the Laboratory for Biocomputing and Bioinformatics

Arieh Warshel, Distinguished Professor at the University of Southern California and member of the National Academy of Sciences is one of the three Chemistry Nobel prize laureates...

Ljubljana, 11.10.2013
Engineering modular digital logic into human cells

We cannot imagine our life without electronic digital computers, which perform many different tasks...

Ljubljana, 13.01.2014
Discovery of new designed smart nanostructures based on modular polypeptide building blocks

Proteins perform the most complex tasks in living organisms and are widely employed in medicine,...

Ljubljana, 06.05.2013
Explanation of weak ergodicity breaking in superdiffusive dynamics

Due to an unfeasible number of dynamical degrees of freedom or a lack of knowledge about the actual...

Ljubljana, 22.04.2013
New findings in crystal engineering of metal-organic framework materials

The understanding of crystallization mechanism is crucial for a rational design of new...

Ljubljana, 27.11.2012