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BORUT KOROŠEC: On the floors of the sun, February 2020

With his special, picturesque and very intimate sculptures, Borut Korošec brings to the gallery of The National Institute of Chemistry some of the playfulness and wittiness that I miss so much in contemporary art galleries. At the same time with this playfulness, as we might have encountered e.g. with Alexander Calder in his early works, however, Korošec's works extend into areas that are being evaded and redefined in a particular way by modernist codes. Namely, his statues from the last period behave like some marginal drawings from Dürer's or DaVinci's sketches, full of haunting remarks, but at the same time equipped with behavior that prompts us with a soft and friendly speech to look in the direction of our tradition.

The exhibition will be on view until March 20th, 2020.

Curator: Jiri Kocica



 Photograph: Andrej Perdih


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