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DAMJAN MAKUC and ANDREJ PERDIH: Photography exhibition - November 2020

The Gallery of the National Institute of Chemistry hosts a photography exhibition of Dr. Damjan Makuc and Dr. Andrej Perdih, associates of the National Institute of Chemistry.

Photographs of Dr. Makuc appears as a lyrical gaze, a momentary insight in which he "caught" a certain light ratio, a certain angle, from which we can see some phenomenon “differently” or he is fascinated by the color that the sun made possible at that moment.
Unlike Makuc, Dr. Perdih portrays nature as something monumental, somehow similar to some paintings of ancient Chinese masters or to masters of European romanticism, where the human figure, albeit in the central part of the motif, is only a tiny part of the composition. His activity further increases the sense of contrast between enormous forces of nature that oppose those little figures.

The exhibition will be on view until January 20th, 2021.

Curator: Jiri Kocica


Photos: Andrej Perdih


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