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MARIN BEROVIČ: Red and White, June 2018

The Renaissance spirit, which linked science and art, found its successor in Marin Berović, a man who could be termed homo universalis, creator mundi or genius. Namely, a scientist of many skills and interests successfully and subtly plays the role of a visual artist. This one is particularly prominent in the field of expression in pastel technique, which is his personal, persuasive and sophisticated art.In a motive sense, he is always fascinated by the landscape, picturesque and unusual natural environments. He experiences them directly on trips to different parts of the world, but with undeniable power he is also encouraged by virtual walks through the online photo collection. The work, linked by the exhibition title Red and White, was created by following photographs of the Red Valley, Dongchuan in Yunnan, China, which were only first presented on the World Wide Web in 1996.

Curator: Jiri Kočica

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