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MOJCA OPRESNIK: Nano Images, November 2018

On November 22, 2018, we opened an exhibition of photos from under the microscope, by Mojca Opresnik, entitled Nano Images.

Mojca Opresnik has been employed at the Institute of Chemistry since 1986 as an expert associate, and in a professional sense she performs a considerable part of her work on technologically demanding devices, of which, in her own words, she prefers working on a line electron microscope. we get an insight into the structures of certain materials at levels far below the wavelength of visible light, and in this world we are, in fact, in a completely different environment than in an environment that can be recorded with our cameras on cell phones or with cameras ... the essential thing that touches, above all, the purely human, primary ability to see similarities and to be able to relate to one another, is one that is a kind of fundamental building block of this entire exhibition.

Curator: Jiri Kočica

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