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NATALJA FJODOROVA: Science and art, December 2022

Dr. Natalja Fjodorova is a researcher who, in addition to her scientific-research work in the fields of chemical informatics, also conducts research in fields that touch only marginally on the scientific way of thinking. She graduated from the University of Saint Petersburg, from the Faculty of Technology and Design. She later obtained a PhD in chemistry from the same university. Since 2006, she has been employed at the National Institute of Chemistry as a chemical informatics researcher. She became more interested in art, or in the connection between science and art, in 2015 at the "CroArtScia" conference. As a guiding thought in her presentation for this conference, Natalja highlighted the thought of John M. Templeton: "Human life is ultimately a search for meaning, a path to enlightenment - to discovery".

Kr'Etno is a three-member musical group whose member is violinist Tajda Klobučar, an employee of the Laboratory of RNA Networks at the Department of Molecular Biology and Nanobiotechnology. The motto of her musical work is: old into new, new into old. Personal transformation of folk songs.

The exhibition will be on display until January 10th, 2023.
Curators: Jiri Kočica, Miha Satler.



Highlights from the exhibition:

Photo: A. Perdih

Co-financier of the exhibition: Ministry of Culture

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