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OLGA MILIĆ: Approach the distant, February 2022

Olga Milić is an academic painter who deals with the relationship between the city and nature. In her "collage" of strokes, photographs, building lines of certain floor plans, plans and trains that run through this entire linear program and permeate it like spots, in which we can simultaneously recognize plant motifs, landscapes, but in these same spots we can also see brushstrokes, spilled paint and it is difficult for the viewer to decide what we see more clearly in this game. The viewer must decide whether to look at the movement or the painting, and in this sense we feel that the painter has given the viewer a kind of instruction with the title: Approach the distant.

The exhibition will be on view until March 20th, 2022.
Curator: Jiri Kocica



Photos from the exhibition:



Foto: Andrej Perdih

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