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ŽIGA OKORN: Approaches - February 2021

This time we are hosting Slovenian painter Žiga Okorn. Okorn presents himself for the second time in the gallery of The National Institute of Chemistry, this time with an exhibition entitled Approaches. These are watercolors of an intimate format, which in a sense are more connected with his characteristic works, by which most art lovers also know him.In his figural watercolors, he establishes space and relationships in a very unique, really very special way, as he literally pours a figural composition on paper with one or two strokes of the brush, in which the gaps between them acquire the properties of perspective space.He is a top artist who has been devoting a decade and a half to finding answers to the questions of how today the image can invite, bring together and heal, by touching our deep artistic experience, which is close to compassion, feeling and also compassion. More about Žiga Okorn > >

The exhibition will be on display from February 18 till March 20, 2021.

Curator: Jiri Kocica

Photos from the opening of the exhibition:

Foto: Andrej Perdih

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