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ŽIGA OKORN: Refugij II, May 2016

What defines the sea landscape with Okorn's paintings is the complete absence of all that is human. There are no ships, sails, boats anywhere, no airplane tracks or swimmers. Only in rare paintings do traces of islands or land appear. Very far away, with no human trace. The only traces of the human are the pronounced brush strokes that record the condition in horizontal lines or with nodal turns. It is as if a painterly explorer on a ship wanted to depict the events of a space dive from Noah's boat with wide banners of color. And the viewer, placed in the same position as the painter, can feel this view similarly. Complete solitude. Feeling that the horizon does not break even when you are turning around and around. Around us is a single huge sea that is lost either in the fog, storms or endless depths of calmly drawn horizontal traces of color.

Curator: Jiri Kočica

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