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About the Institute

Co-workers of Knowledge Transfer Office

Head of the office, dr. Vojka Žunič organizes work, prepares contracts related to the protection and transfer of knowledge, is a member of the Innovation Committe and is the right address for all questions regarding the protection of the intellectual property and the establishment of spin-off companies.

Urban Šegedin is the coordinaator of the technology transfer, connects with industrial partners, promotes and licenses technologies, prepares technological offers, and performs insections of patent databases.

Ana Kompan organizes the administration of innovative applications and the activities of the Innovation Committee, takes care of patent activities and communication with patent attorneys, and implements procedures in connection with project activities.

Dr. Mirica Karlovits participates in the processes of identifying market-interesting innovations, prepares market analysis, leads the NICKI project, takes care of the promotion of innovations through various channels such as the website and social networks, and graphically designs promotional material.



dr. Vojka Žunič (Phone: 01 476 0226; e-mail: vojka.zunic(at)

Urban Šegedin (Phone: 01 476 0299; e-mail: urban.segedin(at)

Ana Kompan (Phone: 01 476 0529; e-mail: ana.kompan(at)

dr. Mirica Karlovits (Phone: 01 476 0299; e-mail: mirica.karlovits(at)

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