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About the Institute

The Knowledge Transfer Office is part of the Consortium for Technology Transfer (KTT). The project provides basic funding for the activities of the Office, involving all Slovenian public research organizations.

The purpose of the KTT project is to make already developed technologies more accessible to the general public and industry, in order to present in more detail the activities of knowledge and technology transfer, the activities of the consortium and partners, to unite all stakeholders in the process of knowledge and technology transfer and to offer an overview of innovations of the Slovenian public research institutions.

The purpose of the Knowledge Transfer Office within the six-year period of the KTT project until 2022 is to:

  • prepare manuals describing the procedures required to identify innovations and introduce mechanisms that recognize innovations - setting up an innovation scout system in each research Department;
  • manage the patent portfolio – maintenance of the intellectual property;
  • valuate the intellectual property;
  • perform intellectual property takeover procedures;
  • adapt the intellectual property policy when necessary;
  • share experiences and present good practices to consortium partners;
  • educate employees on intellectual property management - workshops, seminars;
  • train employees of the Knowledge Transfer Office and upgrade professional competences in the field of knowledge transfer - workshops, seminars;
  • prepare the Researcher's Manual on procedures related to knowledge transfer at the Institute;

URL to the project:

Investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.

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