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In March 2016, a new series of lectures called Forum40 was initiated at the National Institute of Chemistry. Each month one department has a chance to present its research. The aim of the lectures is getting to know your colleagues, research that they do and striving for accelerated cooperation between departments. Lectures last 40 minutes and are followed by 20 minutes of discussion.

Forum is moderated by dr. Petar Djinović from the Department for Environmental Sciences and Engineering.
You wish to act as a speaker at Forum40? Call 01 4760491 or petar.djinovic(at)

List of past lectures on Forum40

Title of he Lecture: Cryo-electron microscopy as an excellent tool for high-resolution structure determination of large…
Title ot the talk: Nanostructured black, ceramic and composite high-temperature spectrally selective coatings for…
Title of the talk: Synthetic polypeptides and polypeptide-based hybrid materials INVITATION WEBEX: https://ki-si.web…
Title of the talk: From atoms to reactors: multiscale modelling in catalysis Video:…
Title of the talk: Design of synthetic signaling pathway in mammalian cells INVITATION
Title of the talk: Catalytic conversion of carbon dioxide to value-added products INVITATION
Title of the talk: Non-canonical nucleic acid structures and their interactions with small molecules: NMR-based…
Title: A brief excursion into cannabinoid chemistry: phytomedical aspects and analytical tools Invitation
Title: Revelation of the Mechanisms of Atmospheric Brown Carbon Formation Invitation
Title of the talk: Surface modification of TiO2 for visible light photocatalytic applications Invitation
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