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In March 2016, a new series of lectures called Forum40 was initiated at the National Institute of Chemistry. Each month one department has a chance to present its research. The aim of the lectures is getting to know your colleagues, research that they do and striving for accelerated cooperation between departments. Lectures last 40 minutes and are followed by 20 minutes of discussion.

Forum is moderated by dr. Petar Djinović from the Department for Environmental Sciences and Engineering.
You wish to act as a speaker at Forum40? Call 01 4760491 or petar.djinovic(at)

List of past lectures on Forum40

Title of the Lecture: Measuring molecular interactions Invitation Link:…
Title of the Lecture: Nano-egineering a superior and cost-effective proton exchange membrane fuel cell catalyst  
Title of the Lecture:   Porous polymers prepared by ring-opening polymerization in emulsions
Title of the Lecture: Japanese knotweed rhizome bark as a rich source of antioxidants Invitation Link: https:…
Title of the Lecture:   Modification of CRISPR/Cas system for enhanced genome engineering
Title of the Lecture: Development of Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework (ZIF) adsorbents for energy storage Invitation …
Title of the Lecture: Molecular motions revealed by NMR Invitation Link:…
Title of the talk: Biorefinery concept: waste biomass fractionation to biobased platform chemicals and their selective…
Title of the Lecture: Nanoparticle Imaging in Biological Samples by Single Particle LA-ICP-MS Invitation WEBEX: htt…
Title of the talk: In silico toxicology: development and application of QSAR models Invitation
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