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Care for Employees

The National Institute of Chemistry is an internationally recognized research organization in the field of chemistry and its related disciplines. Our employees are the most valuable part of the institute, as they were not only the key to successful operations of the institute in the past, and but are also our guarantee for continued success and development in the future.

The institute is a fully certified Family Friendly Company, which represents a socially responsible management principle and ensures short-term as well as long-term positive effects of balancing the professional and private lives of employees. We are aware that in addition to success in the professional field, family life is also important to our employees, so the introduction of constant improvements to facilitate the coordination of these spheres is the basis of our employee development policy.

At the institute, we have implemented a number of measures to facilitate the coordination of both the professional and private lives of our employees. Among other things, we have established a working group for the coordination of professional and private life, which deals with typical problems faced by our employees. We provide training for managers and employees on the topic of balancing work and family, and developing social skills.

We congratulate new parents and send gifts on the birth of a child. Employees with school-aged children are allowed to take leave during the school holidays. To make the holidays even more varied, we offer holiday activities within the institute. At the end of the year, our youngest (up to 10 years old) are also visited by Santa Claus, who brings goodies and joy. We are aware that the world depends on young people, and with this in mind, we endeavour to bring natural sciences as close as possible to young people, which is why the institute holds an Open Day every year, as part of which a number of interesting and informative workshops take place.

As we believe in doing good, the institute organizes several annual charity campaigns with which we aim to help people in need, and to improve their quality of life. We promote socializing among employees through Exchanges, where we exchange some good books, or plants or other items. Due to our institute ‘Apartments’ initiative, we have managed to assist quite a few foreigners employed at the institute, who were having housing problems.

We allow our employees flexible working hours and, upon agreement with the manager, short absences because we acknowledge that some obligations can only be solved in the morning. At the same time, as far as work assignments allow, our employees can work from home twice a week. We also offer 'Coaching' to employees.


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