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Department of Inorganic Chemistry and Technology

Design and development of functionalized inorganic catalysts and adsorbents for energy and environmental applications. The focus is on in-depth research of structure-property relationship (research to the degree of "proof of concept"), with a special emphasis on the development and use of methods for the characterization of materials during their operation (in-situ and operando approaches).



Representative Publications

  1. KRAJNC, Andraž, VARLEC, Jure, MAZAJ, Matjaž, RISTIĆ, Alenka, ZABUKOVEC LOGAR, Nataša, MALI, Gregor. Superior performance of microporous aluminophosphate with LTA topology in solar-energy storage and heat reallocation. Advanced energy materials, 2017, 7, 1601815-1-1601815-8.
  2. TERŽAN, Janvit, DJINOVIĆ, Petar, ZAVAŠNIK, Janez, ARČON, Iztok, ŽERJAV, Gregor, SPREITZER, Matjaž, PINTAR, Albin. Alkali and earth alkali modified CuOx/SiO2 catalysts for propylene partial oxidation : what determines the selectivity? Applied catalysis. B2018, 237, 214-227.
  3. SMOLDERS, Simon, WILLHAMMAR, Tom, KRAJNC, Andraž, SENTOSUN, Kadir, WHARMBY, Michael T., LOMACHENKO, Kirill A., BALS, Sara, MALI, Gregor, ROEFFAERS, Maarten, VOS, Dirk de, BUEKEN, Bart. A titanium(IV)-based metal-organic framework featuring defect-rich Ti-O sheets as an oxidative desulfurization catalyst. Angewandte Chemie : International edition, 2019, 58, 9160-9165.
  4. ŽERJAV, Gregor, ARSHAD, Muhammad Shahid, DJINOVIĆ, Petar, ZAVAŠNIK, Janez, PINTAR, Albin. Electron trapping energy states of TiO2−WO3 composites and their influence on photocatalytic degradation of bisphenol. Applied catalysis. B2017, 209, 273-284.
  5. ŠULIGOJ, Andraž, ARČON, Iztok, MAZAJ, Matjaž, DRAŽIČ, Goran, ARČON, Denis, COOL, Pegie, LAVRENČIČ ŠTANGAR, Urška, NOVAK TUŠAR, Nataša. Surface modified titanium dioxide: nickel as a winning metal for solar light photocatalysis. Journal of materials chemistry. A, 2018.
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