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Laboratory for Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Top and internationally renowned research group in environmental protection. Our mission is to develop modern processes for water treatment along with catalytic, microbial and enzymatic processes in energy and production of high added-value compounds.


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Representative Publications

  1. ZABILSKY, Maxim, DJINOVIĆ, Petar, TCHERNYCHOVA, Elena, TKACHENKO, Olga P., KUSTOV, Leonid M., PINTAR, Albin. Nanoshaped CuO/CeO2 materials : effect of the exposed ceria surfaces on catalytic activity in N2O decomposition reactionACS Catalysis, 2015, 5, 5357-5365.
  2. KAPLAN, Renata, ERJAVEC, Boštjan, DRAŽIĆ, Goran, GRDADOLNIK, Jože, PINTAR, Albin. Simple synthesis of anatase/rutile/brookite TiO2 nanocomposite with superior mineralization potential for photocatalytic degradation of water pollutantsApplied Catalysis. B, Environmental, 2016, 181, 465-474.
  3. DJINOVIĆ, Petar, OSOJNIK ČRNIVEC, Ilja Gasan, ERJAVEC, Boštjan, PINTAR, Albin. Details behind the self-regeneration of supported NiCo/Ce(0.8)Zr(0.2)O2 bimetallic catalyst in the CH4-CO2 reforming reaction. ChemCatChem, 2014, 6, 1652-1663.
  4. ERJAVEC, Boštjan, KAPLAN, Renata, DJINOVIĆ, Petar, PINTAR, Albin. Catalytic wet air oxidation of bisphenol A model solution in a trickle-bed reactor over titanate nanotube-based catalysts. Applied catalysis. B, Environmental, 2013, 132/133, 342-352.
  5. DJINOVIĆ, Petar, OSOJNIK ČRNIVEC, Ilja Gasan, ERJAVEC, Boštjan, PINTAR, Albin. Influence of active metal loading and oxygen mobility on coke-free dry reforming of Ni-Co bimetallic catalysts. Applied catalysis. B, Environmental, 2012, 125, 259-270.
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