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prof. dr. Robert Dominko
Research field: Development of new sustainable concepts in the energy storage field. Focus on solid-state electrochemistry, organic chemistry and development of new characterization techniques



 - prof. dr. Miran Gaberšček
Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS), reaction and transport mechanisms in batteries, fuel cells and corrosion systems

 - dr. Jan Bitenc
Multivalent batteries, organic cathodes, electrolytes

 - dr. Elena Chernyshova
(Scanning) transmission electron microscopy (S)TEM, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy XPS

 - dr. Sara Drvarič Talian
EIS, electrolytes

 - dr. Anja Kopač Lautar
Density-functional theory (DFT)

 - dr. Jože Moškon
EIS, transport and reaction mechanisms

 - dr. Rekha Narayan
Functional polymer materials, organic batteries

 - dr. Klemen Pirnat
Organic batteries, organic synthesis

 - dr. Alen Vižintin
Carbon materials, metal-sulfur batteries, Na-ion batteries, spectroscopical techniques

 - dr. Francisco Garcia Soriano
Study of microporous carbons as host matrices for lithium sulfur batteries

 - dr. Blaž Tratnik
Analytical approaches in the recycling process of Li-ion batteries

 - dr. Bhupender Pal
Design and demonstration of self-healing approaches in batteries

 - dr. Aiping Wang
Computational approach in understanding the interface contacts in batteries with the polymer electrolyte

 - Isabel Pantenburg
Study of interphases in the non-polar media

 - dr. Maja Pivko
Electrode characterization, help with project leading and dissemination 


PhD students:

 - Marko Firm

 - Hafiz Ahmad Ishfaq

 - Gregor Kapun

 - Urban Košir

 - Alenka Križan

 - Olivera Lužanin

 - Svit Menart

 - Lana Regent

 - Mariana Vargas Ordaz

 - Rabail Badar Abbasi

 - Andrijana Marojević

 - Amina Pašović

 - Ervin Rems

 - Luis Miguel Guerrero Mejia

 - Chengyu Wang


Coworkers from other institutions:

 - Jan Žuntar

 - Burcu Unal

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