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Spectral flow cytometer Aurora

The spectral flow cytometer device allows the parallel detection of many cellular parameters in very small volumes. The device is equipped with three optically separate lasers with wavelengths of 405 nm, 488 nm and 640 nm, which enable the simultaneous detection of up to 16 spectrally different markers. A few 10 µL of sample, which is analysed by the apparatus at up to 35000 particles / s, is sufficient for analysis. The apparatus allows phenotyping of a wide range of cell types and subtypes, such as T and B cells, NK cells and dendritic cells, as well as tissue-specific, neuronal and germ cell populations (i.e., rare cell populations). Because the side scattering detection apparatus uses a laser with a wavelength of 405 nm, it allows the detection of particles up to 100 nm in size, which is extremely important for the detection of microvesicles smaller than 500 nm. The apparatus can also be used to identify fluorescent materials ranging in size from 100 nm to 10 μm. The flow cytometer allows fully automated sampling in the format of 96 samples on the plate. More about the system...

The equipment is accessible to all internal and external users. All users must demonstrate appropriate experience to work independently on the apparatus. In the case of experienced users, their experiments are carried out by operators or infrastructure managers. In any case, it is necessary to evaluate the design, the complexity of the analyses and the complexity of the samples before starting the experiments.

Contact: assist. prof. dr. Mojca Benčina

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