D13 Department of Catalysis and Chemical Reaction Engineering

L13 Laboratory of Catalysis and Chemical Reaction Engineering



Research activities:

  • hydrogen production and use (sorption-enhanced steam reforming and fuel cells)
  • biofuel production (biodiesel; batch/continuous and conventional/heterogeneous/enzymatic production; liquefied biomass; batch/continuous hydrogenation)
  • pyrolysis, combustion and gasification (coal, biomass, polymer waste...)
  • microprocess engineering (steam reforming, catalyst screening...)
  • distillations, extractions, absorptions
  • process and product modelling, sensitivity analysis, optimisation, intensification, economical valorisation
  • reaction kinetics, transport phenomena and fluid mechanics




MefCO2 (SPIRE, Horizon 2020)

Methanol from waste CO2

nextBioPharmDSP (LEIT, Horizon 2020)

Next-generation Biopharmaceutical Downstream Process


NATO (SPS Programme)

Enhanced portable energetically self-sustained devices

for military purposes

ADREM (Spire, Horizon 2020)

Adaptable Reactors for Resource- and Energy-Efficient

Methane Valorisation

Chemical Reaction Engineering

(ARRS programme P2-0152)

Programme head: dr. Blaž Likozar  

Basic research project J2-7319

(ARRS project)

Direct conversion of methane to higher hydrocarbons


Mar3Bio (ERA-NET)

Biorefinery and biotechnological

exploitation of marine biomasses

Cel krog

The wasted potential of biomass

EERA JP Bioenergy

We are members of EERA JP Bioenergy

SRIP Circular economy

Strategic development and innovation partnership


Next Generation of Biologics

Basic postdoctoral research project Z2-8161

(ARRS project)

Electrochemical recycling of noble metals

Fresme.eu (Horizon 2020)

Methanol from CO2 Blast Furnace gasses to be used as ship transportation fuel



We are subcontractors at OPERH2



Recent publications:

  • LIKOZAR, Blaž, LEVEC, Janez. Effect of process conditions on equilibrium, reaction kinetics and mass transfer for triglyceride transesterification to biodiesel : experimental and modeling based on fatty acid composition. Fuel Processing Technology, ISSN 0378-3820. [Print ed.], Jun. 2014, vol. 122, str. 30-41
  • OBRADOVIĆ, Ana, LIKOZAR, Blaž, LEVEC, Janez. Steam methane reforming over Ni-based pellet-type and Pt/Ni/Al2O3 structured plate-type catalyst : intrinsic kinetics study. Industrial & engineering chemistry research, ISSN 0888-5885. [Print ed.], Sep. 2013, vol. 52, iss. 38, str. 13597-13606
  • OBRADOVIĆ, Ana, LIKOZAR, Blaž, LEVEC, Janez. Catalytic surface development of novel nickel plate catalyst with combined thermally annealed platinum and alumina coatings for steam methane reforming. International journal of hydrogen energy, ISSN 0360-3199. [Print ed.], 6. Feb. 2013, vol. 38, iss. 3, str. 1419-1429
  • BERČIČ, Gorazd. Through control of wetting and drying conditions of monolithic supports towards a uniform catalyst distribution. Drying technology, ISSN 0737-3937, 2014, str. 1-39
  • LINEC, Mitja, BERČIČ, Gorazd, LEVEC, Janez. Evaluating the operating parameters of membrane contactors using a recycle type continuous flow membrane reactor. Journal of membrane science, ISSN 0376-7388. [Print ed.], May 2014, vol. 458, str. 209-216
  • GRILC, Miha, VERYASOV, Gleb, LIKOZAR, Blaž, JESIH, Adolf, LEVEC, Janez. Hydrodeoxygenation of solvolysed lignocellulosic biomass by unsupported MoS2, MoO2, Mo2C and WS2 catalysts. Applied catalysis. B, Environmental, ISSN 0926-3373. [Print ed.], Feb. 2015, vol. 163, str. 467-477