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Reaction calorimeter RC1e with in-situ FTIR (ReactIR 45 m) and FBRM (Lasentec D600 tip L) probes (Metler Toledo)

Reaction calorimeter RC1e (3 L or 200 mL) is a high-performance thermostat that allows the development of chemical processes under the same conditions as in manufacture. With the software, used for RC1e, the whole process is controlled with precise thermostating (the temperature interval of thermostatic fluid from -90 °C to +250 °C), mixing, dosing and regulation of pressure in the reactor can also be controlled. In addition to controlling process parameters, RC1e also enables to see the thermodynamic properties of preparations and processes (exotherm, endotherm, cp of reactants and products).


High-pressure thermogravimetre with GCMS(Rubotherm)

The reactor is equipped with a scale or the possibility of thermogravimetric analysis, with the main requirements being a relatively wide range of operating temperatures, pressures and flows of carrier gases. Another essential feature is the possibility of introducing one or more other aggressive (oxidative, reductive, corrosive ...) gases into the reactor part without damaging the scale.


Microactivity—Reference (PID End&Tech)

The Microactivity-Reference is an automated and computer controlled fixed-bed tubular reactor (Autoclave Engineers) for catalytic testing operating at different temperatures up to 700 °C, pressures up to 100 bar and flow rates (liquid, gasses).


High-pressure equilibrium cell (made in-house)

High-pressure (HP) equilibrium cell (made in-house) is primarily suitable for determination of the phase equilibria at high pressures using a variety of experimental methods and determination of critical points in multicomponent mixtures. Measurements can be carried out at a constant or a variable volume of the cell at pressures up to 350 bar and temperatures up to 200 ˚ C. With the apparatus separation and reaction processes near or under supercritical conditions can be studied.


Plasma-catalytic reactors (DBD and spark plasma reactors) (made in-house)

Plasma-catalytic reactors (DBD and spark plasma reactors) are used for methane valorisation. Syngas is produced from methane with CO2 as co-reagent, and methanol and formaldehyde are obtained when O2 is used. For both of the processes, reaction kinetics as well as the effect of various process parameters and usage of different catalysts are studied.


Stirred reactor (Autoclave engineers)

Mixing reactor (SSL), SS-316, volume 300 mL is intended for chemical reactions (Batch, Semi-batch, CSTR) in different phases (GL, GS, LS, GLS) at pressures up to 345 bar and at temperatures up to 510 ° C. It has the possibility of direct verification of products with GC or FTIR analysis.


High-pressure mixing reactor (Parr)

The high-pressure mixing reactor (Parr) volume of 1900 mL is designed for chemical reactions in the liquid phase up to 300 bar and up to 315 °C. Since it is made of titanium (Ti & SS-316) it is used for studies of purification/oxidation of pollutants occurring in wastewater.


System of five parallel packed bed reactors (built in-house)

The reactor system of five parallel high-throughput packed bed reactors (SS-316) is intended for simultaneous testing of the catalytic properties of materials (activity, selectivity, stability) up to 500 °C in 200 bar. Fast product analysis is ensured with a dual channel of Agilent 490 Micro GC.


Carousel reaction station with six reactors (Carousel 6 Plus Reaction Station, Radleys)

The carrousel reaction station of six 100 mL reactors, which are intended for the reactions of several samples at controlled temperature (up to 180 °C) and stirring, up to max 700 rpm, in an inert atmosphere.



Steam producer (Saeco)

A cup of good coffee with colleagues always makes your day.


GCMS-QP2010 Ultra (Shimadzu)

Gas chromatograph with a mass spectrometer and an additional FID detector.



GC/MSD Agilent 5975C Series (Agilent Technologies)

GC Agilent 7890 A (Agilent Technologies)

Micro GC chromatographs (2 x Agilent, 2 x Inficon)

Two Agilent 490 Micro GC and two Inficon chromatographs for direct gas analysis.


HPLC Agilent 1100 (Agilent Technologies)

HPLC Agilent 1100 (Agilent Technologies) is designed to identify individual components in a mixture, with the ability to use a wide range of columns and mobile phases.


UHPLC (Thermo-Fisher Scientific UltiMateTM 3000 UHPLC with DAD—RI)

UHPLC Thermo Scientific Ultimate 3000 with DAD-RI with fraction collector is designed to separate, identify and quantify individual components in a mixture, with the ability to use a wide range of columns and mobile phases.



Spectrum 100 FT-IR (PerkinElmer)

The Spectrum100 FT-IR (PerkinElmer) is a functional FT-IR measuring device. It works in the 7800 to 370 cm-1 wave number. It has two inbuilt detectors(DTGS and MCT). It is useful for measuring samples with transmission and reflection techniques. With its flowthrough cell it can analyse the composition of product gases.


UV-VIS Lambda 40P (PerkinElmer)

UV-VIS spectrophotometer Lambda 40P (PerkinElmer) enables the measurement of the UV-VIS spectrum in the range of 190 nm to 900 nm in a liquid in pasty solid powder samples. Accessories: PE FIAS; a module for automatic sampling, flow cell, ATR probe.




NMR spectrometer Spinsolve 60 Benchtop (Magritek)

The Spinsolve 60 NMR spectrometer, 60 MHz, equipped with Spinsolve software determines the content and purity of a sample as well as its molecular structure; it provides high-quality 1H and 19F NMR spectra.




DiffusIR module (PIKE Technologies)

Pike DiffusIR module is designed to measure IR spectra on the surface of catalysts in reaction conditions at temperatures of up to 900 °C.




ATR FT—IR Spectrum Two (PerkinElmer)

ATR FT-IR spektrometer Spectrum Two (PerkinElmer) z LiTaO3 detektorjem, opremljen z Spectrum 10TM programsko opremo, je dizajniran za kvantitatino analizo trdnih in tekočih materialov v valovnih dolžinah med 350 - 8300 cm-1.




ASAP 2020 (Micromeritics Instrument Corp.)

ASAP 2020 Accelerated Surface Area and Porosimetry System is designed to measure surface area and porosity of various materials. Due to the high-vacuum system, the high resolution in the range of 0.35 to 3 nm is provided, therefore, it is very suitable for characterization of microporous materials (metal oragnic materials, activated carbon and zeolites).


AutoChem II Micromeritics is intended for catalyst charechterization on the bassis of measuring chemisorption at temperature programed reactions.


TOC Analyser (Tekmar/Dohrmann Apollo)

TOC Analyser (Tekmar/Dohrmann Apollo) measures in the area from 10 ppb to 4000 ppm C.



TOC Analyzer (Rosemount Dohramm DC 190)

TOC Analyzer (Rosemount Dohramm DC 190) measures from 0.1 to 5000 ppm C, for liquid and solid samples.



CompuCell GT (ElectroChem, Inc.)

CompuCell GT is a test station for fuel cells by ElectroChem, Inc. (USA). It is meant to test flow stresses, up to 200A, on fuel cells.



LabMax (Metler Toledo)

LabMax is a glass, computer controlled laboratory reactor volume of 1 L, with a heating or cooling jacket (-30 °C to 230 °C) and a mixing apliance (30 to 850 rpm).


Genevac MiVac Concentrator with SpeedTrapTM (Canadawide Scientific)

Genevac MiVac Concentrator is centrifugal vacuum concentrator designed for simple organic solvents (e.d. methanol, ethanol) and solvents up to a 100 °C boiling point; equipped with freeze drier miVac SpeedTrapTM, which can be used for freeze-drying low volumes of water.


Larimar flow cabinet (Huanghua Faithful Instrument Co.,Ltd.)

The larimar flow cabinet is designed to prevent contamination of biological samples or any sensitive materials.



SEM microscope (Carl Zeiss)- co-owners

Ebulliometer (Fisher Scientific)

Ebulliometer (Fisher Scientific) is used for measure the boiling point of liquids.


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