D13 Department of Catalysis and Chemical Reaction Engineering



Rubotherm TG - GC - MS

Reactor equipped with a scale or an alternate thermogravimetric analysis, where the main requirements are relatively wide range of operating temperatures, pressures and carrier gas flow rates. The other essential characteristic is the possibility of dosing gases, which are aggressive in this way or the other (oxidative, reducing, corrosive, etc.), into the reaction partition without causing any permanent damage to the scale.


Reaction calorimeter RC1e with FTIR (ReactIR 45m) and FBRM (Lasentec D600 tip L)


RC1e is a highly efficient thermostat, which allows for the development of chemical processes under the same conditions as in industrial production. With the software used for controlling the RC1e, the whole process is operated under precise operating conditions such as temperature (-90°C do +250°C), mixing, dosing and pressure regulation.

High-throughput stirred reactor system High-throughput fixed bed reactor system 

System of six parallel stirred 250 mL reactors (Amar Equipments, M6), developed for high-throughput tests (reaction or separation processes) in batch mode at elevated temperature and pressure (up to 350 °C in 200 bar).



Thermo-Fisher Scinetific UltiMate™ 3000 UHPLC z DAD/RI in zbiralcem frakcij.

System of five fixed bed reactors with single-pass and recycle capabilities, developed for fast screening of catalytic materials (activity, selectivity and stability). Fast analysis of products conducted by Agilent 490 Micro GC.



ATR-FTIR spektrometer Perkin Elmer Spectrum Two.

High-pressure VLE cell with sapphire windows Shimadzu 2010 Ultra GC-MS/FID

Instrument is used for visual monitoring of phase equilibria, supercritical fluid extraction or chemical reactions at elevated pressure and temperature.  

Gas chromatograph with mass spectrometer and additional FID detector.


Micromeritics ASAP 2020

Perkin Elmer Spectrum 100 FT-IR

It is used for measuring the porosity of various materials. Due to the high vacuum system it provides high resolution even in the range between 0.35 and 3 nm and is therefore appropriate for the characterization of microporous materials (metal organic materials, active carbon and zeolites).

It is a multifunctional FT-IR measurement system with the wavenumber range between 700-370 cm-1. Two detectors are built in: DTGS and MCT. Gaseous and solid samples can be measured with transmition and reflection techniques.

Parr pressure reaktor DiffusIR modul

The high pressure reactor is intended for performing chemical reactions in liquid state at pressures up to 300 bar and temperatures up to 315 °C. It is made from Titan and is therefore ideal for studying cleaning - oxidations of polutants, which are present in waste waters.

With PIKE DiffusIR module we can measure IR spectrums on the surface of catalysts at temperatures up to 900 °C.

CompuCell GT UV-VIS Lambda 40P

CompuCell GT is a fuel cell test station from ElectroChem Inc. (USA). It is used for testing fuel cells at currents up to 200 A.

UV-VIS spectrophotometer Lambda 40P Perkin Elmer allows for the measurement of the UV-VIS spectrum between 190-900 nm in liquid and powder samples. Additional equipment: PE FIAS module for automatic sampling, ATR probe.

LabMax Potenciostat

The glass, computer operated laboratory reactor LabMax (1L) with a jacket for heating and cooling (from -30 °C to 230 °C) and mixing capability (30-850 rpm).

Potenciostat with a rotating platinum electrode for catalyst capacity measurement in fuel cells.

Tekmar/Dohrmann TOC analizator Saeco parorazvijalnik
Tekmar/Dohrmann Apollo TOC analizator (from 10 ppb to 4000 ppm C). A cup of good coffee is always pleasurable in the company of coworkers.
Rosemaunt Dorhamm TOC Analizator Micromeritics AutoChem
Rosemaunt-Dorhmann DC 190 TOC analizator (from 0.1 to 5000 ppm C) for liquid and solid samples. It is used for catalyst characterization on the basis of chemisorption and the course of temperature programmed reactions.