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Research Fields

Carbon dioxide activation

Group leader: doc. dr. Blaž Likozar

  • Catalytic conversion of CO2 into useful chemicals and fuels

Methane activation & conversion

Group leader: doc. dr. Andrej Pohar

  • Reforming, plasma and super-acidic activation of methane

Process and product engineering for pharmaceutical and food industry

Group leader: dr. Filipa A. Vicente

  • Development of sustainable and biocompatible technologies for the production of food and pharmaceutical ingredients

Biomass-derived building blocks

Group leader: doc. dr. Miha Grilc

  • Conversion of lignocellulosic and marine biomass into useful chemicals and products.


Bioplastics, biocomposites and zero-waste technologies

Group leader: dr. Uroš Novak

  • Developing advanced biomaterials and biocomposites from biopolymers
  • Zero-waste technologies for food and cosmetics industry, and biomedicine
  • Circular bioeconomy concepts


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