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Preparation of zeolite ZSM-5 granulates free from inorganic binders

Zeolites are crystalline sodium aluminosilicate materials with a 3D microporous structure. They are used as catalysts, ion exchangers and adsorbents due to their unique properties such as crystallinity, thermal stability, large specific surface area, ordered microporous structure, presence of catalytically active acid sites, ion exchange properties and ability to selectively separate according to molecular size. ZSM-5 is one of the most widely used zeolite catalyst (T/year, income in MIO EUR/$).


The preparation of ZSM-5 zeolite granulates without inorganic binder refers to a synthetic process for the preparation of highly crystalline zeolite granulates without inorganic binder from amorphous sodium aluminosilicate granules, which falls within the field of inorganic chemical technology. The granules were prepared from powdered dried amorphous sodium aluminosilicate gel containing no organic structural orienter. The proposed synthetic process is based on the preparation of amorphous sodium aluminosilicate gel from sodium aqueous glass, sodium aluminate and less than 5 % of ZSM-5 zeolite crystallisation nuclei, the pH of the gel being adjusted by the addition of dilute sulphur(VI) acid. The dried amorphous sodium aluminosilicate gel is granulated using sodium aqueous glass. The heat-treated amorphous sodium aluminosilicate granulate is then hydrothermally synthesised in an alkaline solution to crystalline granules of zeolite ZSM-5 at temperatures between 170 °C and 190 °C for a period of time between 22 to 28 hours.

Main advantages

  • organic-free zeolite synthesis, 
  • binder-free granulated product, 
  • environment-friendly technology,
  • low cost production.


Fields of use: Advanced Materials, Inorganic Materials, Zeolites

Technology Readiness Level: TRL6

Intellectual property: Granted patent

Partner sought: Licensing or sell of IP rights.

Co-owner: Silkem d.o.o.




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