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Water-soluble cannabinoids with increased stability


The technology relates to the field of water-soluble cannabinoids. Cannabinoids have become an important global commodity, and found their place in the food & beverage, food supplement and cosmetics industry, but also elsewhere (e.g. pharmaceutical industry). The major inherent problem related to cannabinoids is their very low water solubility. Our invention provides cannabinoid and hemp resin water solutions, with increased stability and bioavailability.


The major inherent problem related to cannabinoids is their very low water solubility due to their molecular structures of low polarity. The low water solubility therefore restricts cannabinoid formulations mainly to a lipophilic medium, which is usually oil-based. Several strategies have been employed so far, mostly the established ones for lipophilic molecules, in order to increase water solubility of cannabinoids.

Our innovation, although still exploiting the very nature of cannabinoid molecular structure, on the contrary, avails on a substantially different strategy. Besides increasing cannabinoid water solubility, our technology makes also possible to apply it to crude cannabinoid extracts (hemp resin), making them water-soluble as well. Especially in the latter case, this is due to significant changes in wettability of input compounds, during our process, making the compounds not only more soluble but also readily wettable in a water-based medium. Our research & development work so far also proved that the same approach increases the stability of cannabinoid acidic forms in solution (e.g. CBDA, CBGA etc.). This is quite an important feature, since cannabinoid acidic forms are becoming more and more important on the cannabinoid market, due to some unique properties.

Main advantages

  • Water solubility and better bioavailability
  • Useful in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry


Fields of use: Food supplements, cosmetics, beverages, pharmacy

Technology Readiness Level: TRL5

Intellectual property: Patent pending

Partner sought: R&D collaboration to further develop the technology, technology licensing

Next steps needed: Testing in an industrial environmen, scale-up




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