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Binding and structure of nanobodies bound to protein origami building module

Majerle et al., PNAS 2021.

Dimeric coiled helices are structural motifs that often occur in natural proteins. They consist of α-helices that wind around each other and represent a versatile building block for the construction of designed proteins.

In an article we report on nanobodies, proteins similar to antibodies, that recognize defined protein epitopes that specifically recognize the building blocks of a protein origami. Five high resolution tertiary structures of nanobody complexes with a coiled-coil dimer were determined and we show that nanobodies also recognize building blocks in diverse designed protein cage contexts. By selecting sequences, protein tetrahedra with bound 1 to 4 nanobodies can be prepared. Nanobodies could be used as modular building blocks to functionalize or regulate proteins, and for the structural analysis of protein origami. The paper is a result of collaboration with colleagues from the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology UL and VUB in Belgium.

Reference: Andreja Majerle, San Hadži, Jana Aupič, Tadej Satler, Fabio Lapenta, Žiga Strmšek, Jurij Lah, Remy Loris, Roman Jerala A nanobody toolbox targeting dimeric coiled-coil modules for functionalization of designed protein origami structures Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci USA, 2021, 118, 1-9.



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