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Lecture: Dr. Elisabeth Bik: Double Trouble: Inappropriate Image Duplications in Biomedical Publications


Title of lecture: Double Trouble: Inappropriate Image Duplications in Biomedical Publications

Lecturer: Dr. Elisabeth Bik

When & where: Monday, June 5, 2023 at 9 am, Great Lecture Hall (1st floor)

Watch a recording of the lecture here:

The lecture will take place remotely, you can also join at the following link:

Meeting number (access code): 2732 089 3767
Meeting password: Kemijski2023 (53645754 from video systems)



Science builds upon science. Even after peer-review and publication, science papers could still contain images or other data of concern. If not addressed post-publication, papers containing incorrect or even falsified data could lead to wasted time and money spent by other researchers trying to reproduce those results. Several high-profile science misconduct cases have been described, but many more cases remain undetected. Elisabeth Bik is an image forensics detective who left her paid job in industry to search for and report biomedical articles that contain errors or data of concern. She has done a systematic scan of 20,000 papers in 40 journals and found that about 4% of these contained inappropriately duplicated images. In her talk, she will present her work and show several types of inappropriately duplicated images and other examples of research misconduct. In addition, she will show how to report scientific papers of concern, and how journals and institutions handle such allegations.


More about Elisabeth Bik:


The online lecture will be held in English.



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