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Plasmonic Au on TiO2 decorated N-graphene heterostructure catalyst for Photocatalytic CO2 reduction

Researchers from the Department of Catalysis and Chemical Reaction Engineering (D13), Department of Materials Chemistry (D10) and Jozef Stefan institute published a research article entitled ‘Synergistic enhancement of photocatalytic CO2 reduction by plasmonic Au nanoparticles on TiO2 decorated N-graphene heterostructure catalyst for high selectivity methane production’ in Applied Catalysis B: Environmental (IF = 19.503).
Energy-efficient photocatalytic CO2 reduction into sustainable solar fuels is a highly enticing challenge for simultaneous settling of energy and environmental issues. We illustrate the synthesis and photocatalytic performance of a judiciously designed plasmonic Au nanoparticles photodeposited on TiO2-decorated N-doped graphene heterostructure catalyst showing remarkably enhanced CO2 reduction activity with high selectivity for methane production. The superior performance of the catalyst is attributed to the synergistic contributions from improved light absorbance, enhanced CO2 uptake together with improved charge transfer kinetics and efficient suppression of photogenerated (e-h) recombination rate bestowed by seamless interfacial contact between Au NPs and N-graphene-TiO2 components.
Experimental results corroborated with theoretical DFT studies validated the unique ability of N-graphene playing a key role in efficiently reducing the Gibbs free energy of PCO2R reaction kinetics, increasing the binding strength of *COOH intermediate and improved charge transfer process.


Contact for further information: khaja.mohaideen.kamal.musthafa(at); blaz.likozar(at)




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