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'Noč ima svojo moč' (the European Night of Researchers) further invites you to explore


Spring is in full swing, everything around us is already blooming and fragrant, and yes, it will become even more blooming! We are happy to announce that the project "Noč ima svojo moč" will continue to accompany us for the next two years, when everything will revolve around plants and the earth.

As researchers, you can join us in the all-Slovenian science project for citizens, where we will observe the growth of plants in different types of soil. The plants will tell us a lot about the soil in which they grow, and in this way help us understand nature. In the European Night of Researchers on September 30, the highlight of the event, we will meet with scientific and research festival events.

We know very well that the soil is suitable and fertile. Soil is the foundation for healthy plants because it is the habitat for plants and animals. Certain types of plants thrive best in a certain type of soil, which is why in nature we can only determine the type of soil based on the presence of individual plant species in a given area.

Let us refresh our memory a little more. For the past four years, as part of the "Noč ima svojo moč" project, we have been sowing the seeds of St. John's wort and other meadow flowers, monitoring the health of wild chestnuts, and monitoring water quality outside of official bathing areas. This year, plants and soils are taking the lead role in the Slovenia-wide experiment. Which plants we will sow in which soil and what we will observe when they germinate and grow vigorously will be revealed at the upcoming opening of the Science for Citizens project in the Garden of Experiments 2022, which will take place this Saturday and Sunday, May 28 and 29, in the center of Ljubljana. We already invite you to participate in the project, as we want to raise awareness about the importance of research work and scientific thinking in society.

For more information, visit the website, where you can register now and we will send you seeds and instructions for sowing. You can also find out about the events on social media:,

The project partners are Ustanova Hiša eksperimentov, Ljubljana Botanic gardens, Institut »Jožef Stefan«, National Institute of Chemistry, Geological Survey of Slovenia and Technical Museum of Slovenia.

Give your explorer vein a breather and join us on a journey of discovery!

Consortium of the partners of the project 'Noč ima svojo moč'.


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