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The treasures of a green roof


Event title: The treasures of a green roof - presentation of the Institute's green roof and a recently published monograph

When & Where:Monday, June 6, 2022 at 3.00 p.m., Pregl Research Centre roof


  • Dr. Jože Bavcon, Scientific Council Member, head of University Botanic Gardens Ljubljana
  • Dr. Blanka Ravnjak, researcher at University Botanic Gardens Ljubljana
  • Doc. Rok Žnidaršič, Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana


The event, during which we will present the green roof of the National Institute of Chemistry to the public, will be prepared on the World Green Roof Day, which will be celebrated on June 6.

On this day, in cooperation with the University Botanic Gardens Ljubljana, we want to present to the public the plant treasures of the Institute's roof garden. The green roof of our Pregl Research Centre is a prime example of a replacement habitat for more than 40 autochthonous Slovenian plant species and thus a unique guardian of Slovenian biodiversity.

At the same time, we would like to highlight the importance and many benefits of urban green roofs, as these multipurpose green spaces significantly increase the quality of life in urban environments.

At the event, we will also present a monograph entitled The treasures of a green roof.


The event will be held in Slovenian.


The presentation is organized in cooperation with the University Botanic Gardens Ljubljana.




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