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What are the forms of sustainability?


Roundtable title: What are the forms of sustainability?

When & Where: Tuesday, June 7, 2022 at 3 pm, Museum of Architecture and Design




The discussion with the guests (names to be announced shortly) will be moderated by Nina Langerholc Čebokli, Organizational Design Consultant, Vice President of the Young Managers Section, member of the Smart Transformation Working Group at the European Association of Managers CEC.

* The event will be held in Slovenian.


During the roundtable it will also be possible to see the exhibition REFASHION. It is an innovative concept for clothing and fashion accessories made from biopolymer materials.

The author of the exhibition is fashion and textile designer Petra Jerič. The exhibition was created based on her master's thesis entitled Sustainable Biodegradable Clothing for the Vivre Fashion Brand at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering under the supervision of Prof. Elena Fajt and in collaboration with the National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana under the co-supervision of Dr. Uroš Novak. Novak leads a team of anti-plastic scientists who aim to bring innovation and knowledge about bioplastics and waste-free technologies to society and businesses, and promote a plastic-free lifestyle.

Fashion, which essentially plays with beauty and aesthetics, has lost its true meaning today due to the trend of fast fashion and the problems it causes. Although the issue is very complex, the author of the exhibition believes that the future is bright, if only we start to act radically and change the fashion system. With the exhibition, the designer lays new foundations for a friendlier, cleaner and fairer fashion, which she sees mainly in the scientific progress of new vegan biomaterials and biodegradable clothing. In the exhibition, he presents clothing and his own bioplastic materials of a new generation, which include different sensory perceptions. By introducing 100% biodegradable clothing and fashion accessories, the author points out the great potential for the development of fashion in a sustainable direction.


The event is held in collaboration with the Museum of Architecture and Design as part of the 27th Biennial of Design, BIO27.

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