D05 Department for Environmental Sciences and Engineering

D05 Department for Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Department for Environmental Sciences and Engineering is a top and internationally renowned research group in environmental protection. Our mission is to develop modern processes for water treatment along with catalytic, microbial and enzymatic processes in energy and production of high added-value compounds.

The department which currently consists of seven researchers, four PhD students and three research engineers, is equipped with top research equipment along with various lab- and pilot-scale reactors.

At the last evaluations performed in 2014 and 2015 by the Slovenian Research Agency, the Department for Environmental Sciences and Engineering has been recognized as the only one to conduct excellent research programme in the field of chemical engineering.

Research achievements


R&D services and long lasting industrial cooperation is based on advanced research equipment, long-term experiences and competitive prices. We perform synthesis of nanostructured heterogeneous catalysts based on modern preparation approaches and characterization of solid powdered materials using various instrumental techniques. We tender many types of analytical support in the fields of anaerobic digestion, waste management, wastewater treatment and ecotoxicology. We also advise in the field of metrology in chemistry.


R&D and  analytical      Biomass and waste      Biogas production       Ecotoxicity
services                          materials



Powdered materials      IC analysis                    Quality in metrology


Upper-class students, PhD candidates and post-doctoral fellows in the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering and related natural and technical sciences are invited to apply for fellowships in various research areas.