D11 Department of Molecular Biology and Nanobiotechnology

Department of Molecular Biology and Nanobiotechnology

Proteins of intracellular pathogens and their mechanism of action in pathogenesis. MACPF / CDC proteins and their mechanism of action. Research and development of advanced bio- pharmaceuticals.

Representative Publications

  1. PRAPER, Tilen, KLADNIK, Aleš, ANDERLUH, Gregor, et al. Perforin activity at membranes leads to invaginations and vesicle formation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2011, 108.
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  3. PODOBNIK, Marjetka, MARCHIORETTO, Marta, ZANETTI, Manuela, BAVDEK, Andrej, KISOVEC, Matic, CAJNKO, Miša Mojca, LUNELLI, Lorenzo, DALLA SERRA, Mauro, ANDERLUH, Gregor. Plasticity of lysteriolysin O pores and its regulation by pH and unique histidine. Scientific Reports, 2015, 5.
  4. ROJKO, Nejc, ANDERLUH, Gregor. How lipid membranes affect pore forming toxin activity. Accounts of Chemical Research, 2015, 48.
  5. PODOBNIK, Marjetka, SAVORY, Peter, ROJKO, Nejc, KISOVEC, Matic, WOOD, Neil, HAMBLEY, Richard, PUGH, Jonathan, WALLACE, E. Jayne, MCNEILL, Luke, BRUCE, Mark, LIKO, Idlir, ALLISON, Timothy M., MEHMOOD, Shahid, YILMAZ, Neval, KOBAYASHI, Toshihide, GILBERT, Robert J., ROBINSON, Carol V., JAYASINGHE, Lakmal, ANDERLUH, Gregor. Crystal structure of an invertebrate cytolysin pore reveals unique properties and mechanism of assembly. Nature communications, 2016, 7.