D01 Teoretični odsek

Marjana Novic
	Marjana Novič  	
		Žaucerjeva 12
		SI-1111 Ljubljana
		E-mail:  marjana.novic@ki.si
Born:		1955, July 19th in Ljubljana, Slovenia
			married, two daughters
Education:	1974	Baccalaureat, High School in Ljubljana
		1979	B. Sc. degree in Chemistry, University of Ljubljana
		1983	M. Sc. degree in Computer Chemistry, University of Ljubljana
			 Master Degree Thesis: The Use of Fourier Transformation in
			 Chemical Information Systems Based on Infrared Spectroscopy
		1985	Ph. D. in Chemistry, University of Ljubljana
			 Thesis: Hierarchical Clustering and Recognition of Chemical 
			 Structures and Structural Fragments on the Basis of 13C 
			 NMR spectra
Postdoctoral Education:
		1986	University of Lausanne, Switzerland, with Professor 
			 G. Bodenhausen, 13 months. The field of research:
			 the automated pattern recognition in 2-D NMR spectra.
		1993	University of Tarragona, Spain, with Professor X. Rius, 1 month.
			The field of research: multivariate data analysis with application 
			 of neural networks.
		1997 	University of Cordoba, Spain, with professor M. Valcarcel, 3 
			months. The field of research: modelling in chemical kinetics 
		1979-	National Institute of Chemistry, Laboratory for Chemometrics. 
			Started research work under the supervision of Professor J. Zupan 
			and D. Hadži, in the beginning in Infrared Spectroscopy, later as 
			research associate in Laboratory for Chemometrics. 
			The fields of research: Information Systems in Chemistry, 
			Computer Supported Structure Elucidation, Pattern Recognition, 
			Computer Simulation of Learning Process, Neural Networks, 
			New Structure Representations and QSAR modelling.
		1989	Boris Kidrič Fund Award for a significant contribution to the
			field of Computerized Automated Analysis of Spectroscopic Data.