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PROJECT NAME: Addressing the challenges in the process of developing hydrogen technologies to transition to a carbon-neutral society in Slovenia and Austria

PROJECT DURATION: 01.12.2023 - 30.11.2026

PROJECT BUDGET: 1.341.271,09€




H2GreenFUTURE is a project aimed at addressing the challenges associated with developing hydrogen technologies for the transition to a carbon-neutral society in Slovenia and Austria. The project recognizes the increasing impact of climate change, emphasizing the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to low-carbon technologies like hydrogen.

Key aspects of the project include the development of pilot infrastructure for hydrogen technologies, fostering skills development in companies and among students, and building a comprehensive innovation ecosystem with a stable regulatory framework. The Quadruple Helix approach, involving government, industry, academia, and civil society, is central to the project's strategy.

The project activities focus on three pillars: research and innovation, knowledge and competences, and the introduction of test mechanisms to adapt legislation for disruptive innovation. It includes a cross border H2 demo - pilot project to identify barriers in the cross-border area, a regulatory sandbox to establish a legislative framework, and initiatives for awareness raising and knowledge transfer.

H2GreenFUTURE aligns with the roadmap for hydrogen technologies in Slovenia and Austria Interreg region, building on the groundwork laid by the H2GreenTECH project (Interreg SI-AT). Continuous cross-border cooperation, innovative approaches such as pilot demonstrations and regulatory sandboxes, and a blend of digital and traditional education methods underline the project's commitment to fostering hydrogen technology development in the region.

Main results of H2GreenFUTURE project are:

  1. Cross-border H2 demo-pilot project and Roadmap on technological cross-border H2 cooperation
  2. H2 Regulatory Sandbox simulation and H2GreenFUTURE Policy Brief
  3. Pilot implementation of the H2GreenFUTURE training



NIC - Kemijski inštitut / National institute of Chemistry, Lead partner

ŠGZ - Štajerska gospodarska zbornica / Styria Chamber of Commerce and Industry

FB - Forschung Burgenland GmbH / Research Burgenland

TU Graz - Technische Universität Graz / Graz University of Technology

CUAS - Fachhochschule Kärnten GmbH / Carinthia UAS - non-profit limited liability company

RDAZ - Regionalna razvojna agencija Zasavje / Zasavje Regional Development Agency


The H2GreenFUTURE project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Interreg Programme Slovenia-Austria.  

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