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Department of Analytical Chemistry

Fundamental research and development of advanced analytical methodologies, novel tools and sensors for (i) chemical analysis of (trace) elements, characterization of compounds, materials and processes, (ii) their application in topical areas of (a) environmental protection, (b) health and food safety and (c) materials research, and (iii) supporting collaboration with industrial partners.



Representative Publications

  1. ROMIH, Tea, MENART, Eva, JOVANOVSKI, Vasko, JERIČ, Andrej, ANDRENŠEK, Samo, HOČEVAR, Samo B. Sodium-polyacrylate-based electrochemical sensors for highly sensitive detection of gaseous phenol at room temperatureACS sensors, 2020, 5, 8, 2570-2577.
  2. KOLAR, Mitja, ORAŽEM, Tilen, JOVANOVSKI, Vasko, HOČEVAR, Samo B. Copper film electrode for sensitive detection of nitrophenols. Sensors and actuators B: Chemical, 2021, 330, 129338-1-129338-6.
  3. METARAPI, Dino, ELTEREN, Johannes Teun van, ŠALA, Martin, VOGEL-MIKUŠ, Katarina, ARČON, Iztok, ŠELIH, Vid Simon, KOLAR, Mitja, HOČEVAR, Samo B. Laser ablation-single-particle-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry as a multimodality bioimaging tool in nano-based omics. Environmental science. Nano,2021, 8, 3, 647-656.
  4. METARAPI, Dino, ŠALA, Martin, VOGEL-MIKUŠ, Katarina, ŠELIH, Vid Simon, ELTEREN, Johannes Teun van. Nanoparticle analysis in biomaterials using laser ablation-single particle-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. Analytical chemistry, 2019, 91, 9, 6200-6205.
  5. VIDOVIĆ, Kristijan, KROFLIČ, Ana, JOVANOVIČ, Primož, ŠALA, Martin, GRGIĆ, Irena. Electrochemistry as a tool for studies of complex reaction mechanisms : the case of the atmospheric aqueous-phase aging of catecholsEnvironmental science & technology, 2019, 53, 19, 11195-11203.
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