D04 Department of Analytical Chemistry

Department of Analytical Chemistry

Fundamental research and development of advanced analytical methodologies, novel tools and sensors for (i) chemical analysis of (trace) elements, characterization of compounds, materials and processes, (ii) their application in topical areas of (a) environmental protection, (b) health and food safety and (c) materials research, and (iii) supporting collaboration with industrial partners.

Representative Publications

  1. MENART, Eva, JOVANOVSKI, Vasko, HOČEVAR, Samo B.. Novel hydrazinium polyacrylate-based electrochemical gas sensor for formaldehyde. Sensors and actuators. B, Chemical, 2017, 238, 71-75.
  2. ELTEREN, Johannes Teun van, IZMER, Andrei, ŠELIH, Vid Simon, VANHAECKE, Frank. Novel image metrics for retrieval of the lateral resolution in line scan-based 2D LA-ICPMS imaging via an experimental-modeling approach. Analytical chemistry, 2016, 88, 14, 7413-7420.
  3. FRKA, Sanja, ŠALA, Martin, KROFLIČ, Ana, HUŠ, Matej, ČUSAK, Alen, GRGIĆ, Irena. Quantum chemical calculations resolved identification of methylnitrocatechols in atmospheric aerosols. Environmental science & technology, 2016, 50, 11, 5526-5535.
  4. MENART, Eva, JOVANOVSKI, Vasko, HOČEVAR, Samo B.. Silver particle-decorated carbon paste electrode based on ionic liquid for improved determination of nitrite. Electrochemistry communications, 2015, 52, 45-48.
  5. KROFLIČ, Ana, GRILC, Miha, GRGIĆ, Irena. Does toxicity of aromatic pollutants increase under remote atmospheric conditions?. Scientific reports, 2015, 5, 1-5.