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About the Institute

Gender Equality Plan

The main purpose of this plan is to further promote equal gender opportunities and representation in all areas of the Institute's operation. We believe that equal opportunities and representation improve the work environment, increase creativity and productivity – and this is also proven by good practices at home and abroad. After all, this may also solve many of the problems that have arisen due to large deviations from equality. It’s also important to actively involve the intellectual potential of the entire population.

In its Strategy for 2019-2023, National Institute of Chemistry (NIC) undertakes to strive for a balanced employment structure in line with equal gender opportunities.

NIC has been involved in projects addressing the field of gender equality for more than a decade.

The beginnings date back to 2011, when NIC participated in the GENIS-LAB4 project as one of nine partners. GENIS-LAB aimed to make structural changes in a group of scientific organizations, to overcome the factors that limit women's participation in research. The GENIS-LAB project took place between January 2011 and December 2014. In the following (i.e. between 2016 and 2020), the Institute was a member of the project consortium in the PLOTINA project (Promoting gender balance and inclusion in research, innovation and training, Horizon 2020). The overall objective of the PLOTINA project was to enable research organizations to develop, implement and evaluate gender equality plans through innovative and sustainable strategies, the objectives of which were achieved by promoting changes in a gender-aware culture; promoting the professional development of female researchers, in order to prevent waste of talent, especially from women; and by ensuring the diversification of views and methodologies in research and teaching, taking into account the gender dimension.

Gender equality plan at National institute of Chemistry is available here.

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