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About the Institute

Exhibition activity at the National Institute of Chemistry

Exhibition activity at the National Institute of Chemistry has a long tradition and has been an indispensable part of our institution since the late 1970s. The first exhibition was put on display in May 1978. Since then, we have hosted many local and foreign artists and photographers. Many well-known Slovenian artists have exhibited with us, such as France Slana, Dora Plestenjak, Vladimir Lamut, Drago Tršar, Savo Sovre, Zoran Didek, etc.

Exhibitions are displayed in the three central lobbies of the Institute, on the ground floor, and on the first and second floor. Most of the exhibitions are in the field of artistic creativity since the gallery allows the placement of paintings, photographs, sculptures and other similar exhibitions. At least six exhibitions are held annually in the gallery of the National Institute of Chemistry, which significantly enrich the events at our Institute.

In recent years, the gallery's activity has been artistically and organisationally managed by Curator Jiŕi Kočica.

Contact: jiri.kocica(at)

Past exhibitions

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