D09 Department of Inorganic Chemistry and Technology

Department of Inorganic Chemistry and Technology

Design and development of inorganic adsorbents and catalysts for environmental and energy applications such as gas and heat storage, air and water purification, and processing of biomass into chemicals and fuels. Emphasis is placed on understanding of structure-property relationship in porous materials by using advanced characterization methods such as XRD, solid-state NMR, XAS, and modeling at the atomic level.

Representative Publications

  1. QIAO, Ang, BENNETT, Thomas D., TAO, Haizheng, KRAJNC, Andraž, MALI, Gregor, DOHERTY, Cara M., THORNTON, Aaron W., MAURO, John C., NEVILLE GREAVES, G., YUE, Yuanzheng. A metal-organic framework with ultrahigh glass-forming ability. Science Advances, 2018, 4, eaao6827-1-eaao6827-8.
  2. ŠULIGOJ, Andraž, ARČON, Iztok, MAZAJ, Matjaž, DRAŽIČ, Goran, ARČON, Denis, COOL, Pegie, LAVRENČIČ ŠTANGAR, Urška, NOVAK TUŠAR, Nataša. Surface modified titanium dioxide: Ni as a winning metal for solar light photocatalysis. Journal of materials chemistry. A, 2018.
  3. KRAJNC, Andraž, VARLEC, Jure, MAZAJ, Matjaž, RISTIĆ, Alenka, ZABUKOVEC LOGAR, Nataša, MALI, Gregor. Superior performance of microporous aluminophosphate with LTA topology in solar-energy storage and heat reallocation. Advanced energy materials, 2017, 7, 1601815-1-1601815-8.
  4. MAZAJ, Matjaž, ČENDAK, Tomaž, BUSCARINO, G., TODARO, M., ZABUKOVEC LOGAR, Nataša. Confined crystallization of HKUST-1 metal-organic framework within mesostructured silica with enhanced structural resistance towards water. Journal of materials chemistry. A, 2017, 5, 22305-22315.
  5. MAZAJ, Matjaž, ZABUKOVEC LOGAR, Nataša, ŽAGAR, Ema, KOVAČIČ, Sebastijan. A facile strategy towards highly accessible and hydrostable MOF-phase within the hybrid polyHIPEs through in-situ metal-oxide recrystallization. Journal of materials chemistry. A, 2017, 5, 1967-1971.