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L06 Laboratory for Food Chemistry

Basic and applied research on functional food, food supplements and natural biologically active compounds form plant materials. Development and validation of various analytical methods based on chromatographic (((U)HPLC, HPTLC, GC, IC) and hyphenated  ((U)HPLC-MS, HPTLC-MS, GC-MS, IC-MS) techniques in the context of research projects and for other academic and industrial partners from Slovenia and abroad as well as for government bodies.


Head of Laboratory
Young Researchers

Representative Publications

  1. METLIČAR, Valentina, KRANJC, Krištof, ALBREHT, Alen. Utilization of plant-based wastes for a sustainable preparation of xanthophyll esters via acid anhydrides using β−pinene as a bio-derived solvent.ACS sustainable chemistry & engineering, 2021, 9, 31, 10651-10661.
  2. JUG, Urška, VOVK, Irena, GLAVNIK, Vesna, MAKUC, Damjan, NAUMOSKA, Katerina. Off-line multidimensional high performance thin-layer chromatography for fractionation of Japanese knotweed rhizome bark extract and isolation of flavan-3-ols, proanthocyanidins and anthraquinones. Journal of chromatography. A, 2021, 1637, 461802.
  3. JUG, Urška, NAUMOSKA, Katerina, VOVK, Irena. (-)-Epicatechin-an important contributor to the antioxidant activity of Japanese knotweed rhizome bark extract as determined by antioxidant activity-guided fractionation. Antioxidants, 2021, 10, 1, 1-22.
  4. NAUMOSKA, Katerina, JUG, Urška, METLIČAR, Valentina, VOVK, Irena. Oleamide, a bioactive compound, unwittingly introduced into the human body through some plastic food/beverages and medicine containers. Foods, 2020, 9, 5, 549-1-549-18.
  5. GLAVNIK, Vesna, VOVK, Irena. High performance thin-layer chromatography-mass spectrometry methods on diol stationary phase for the analyses of flavan-3-ols and proanthocyanidins in invasive Japanese knotweed. Journal of chromatography. A, 2019, 1598, 196-208.
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