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International collaboration

International cooperation (formal and informal) of the Department of Analytical Chemistry:

Institute of Physical Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences, Warshaw, Poland; Prof. Dr. Rafal Szmigielski
H2020-MSCA-COFUND-2015 (NaMeS)    Secondary organic aerosol formation: Kinetic and chemical studies of aqueous-phase reactions of selected plant volatiles in nanodroplets; PhD student Kumar Sarang    10.2017–10.2021    Irena Grgić

Ss Cyril and Methodius University, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Institute of Chemistry, Skopje, Macedonia; Prof. Dr. Valentin Mirčeski
NATO Science for Peace and Security (G5550)    Electrochemical gas sensors for preventing terrorist attacks    2018–2021    Vasko Jovanovski

Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (TROPOS), Atmospheric Chemistry Department, Leipzig, Germany; Prof. Dr. Hartmut Herrmann
collaboration and exchange in the field of atmospheric chemistry research

Ruđer Bošković Institute, Laboratory for marine and atmospheric biogeochemistry, Zagreb, Croatia; Dr. Sanja Frka Milosavljević
BI-HR/16-17-032    Estimating the role of marine biogenic organosulfur compounds in the formation and properties of atmospheric organic aerosols    1.2016–12.2017    Ana Kroflič

Northern Arizona University, Arizona, USA; Prof. Dr. Marin Sands Robinson
Fulbright Scholarship    Chemical Speciation of Particulate using LA-ICPMS and Raman Analysis of Coarse Aerosols in Heterogeneous Ice Nucleation    2.2015–7.2015     Irena Grgić, Johannes T. van Elteren

University of California, Department of Nanoengineering, San Diego, USA; Prof. Dr. J. Wang
collaborative research on electrochemical sensors, exchange visits

University of Pardubice, Department of Analytical Chemistry, Pardubice, Czech Republic; Prof. Dr. K. Vytřas, Prof. Dr. I. Švancara
collaborative research and exchange in the field of electrochemical sensors

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, Jerusalem, Israel; Prof. Dr. D. Mandler
collaborative research on electrochemical sensors, student and visit exchange

University of Venice, Department of Physical Chemistry, Venice, Italy; Prof. Dr. S. Daniele, Prof. Dr. P. Ugo
collaborative research on electrochemical sensors, student and visit exchange

University of South Florida, Department of Chemistry, Tampa, USA; Prof. Dr. X. Zhang
collaborative research in the field of electrochemical sensors and biosensors

Karl-Franzens University, Institute of Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry Division, Graz, Austria; Prof. Dr. W. Goessler, Prof. Dr. K. Kalcher
collaborative research on chemical speciation, hyphenated analytical systems and electrochemical sensors, student and visit exchange

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