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Analysis of asbestos fibres in wastewater, drinking water and air
EquipmentTEM / STEM / EDXS / EELS
FieldStructural and chemical analysis
TechnicsTransmission electron microscopy, electron diffraction, chemical analysis (EDS, EELS)
Contact person

Goran Dražić
+386 1 4760 514, +386 1 4760 555


To accurately determine the presence of asbestos, we need data on the shape (fibrous shapes), chemical composition (a certain ratio between the elements Si, Mg, Fe, Na) and crystal structure. All these parameters can be determined with a transmission electron microscope. We can determine qualitatively and semi-quantitatively the content of individual asbestos fibres in drinking water, wastewater and air. The method is based on the counting and identification of individual fibres, so it is not suitable for high concentrations of asbestos, such as building materials and other asbestos products.

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