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Analysis of compounds and materials by solid-state NMR spectroscopy
Equipment400, 600, 800 MHz Bruker NMR spectrometers
FiledChemical analysis
ContactJanez Plavec
+386 1 4760 353
DescriptionNMR spectroscopy can widely be used for studies of solid samples. Its applications can be found for instance in studies of pharmaceutical products in order to determine structure of drug molecules in solid form as well as its interactions with excepients. NMR spectroscopy in solid is also one of the most powerful tools for studying nanoporous materials. It can be used at many different stages of research connected to these materials; from studies of their formation, their structure determination, to studies of applicability and performance of the materials. Especially important is the ability of NMR spectroscopy for monitoring motifs that do not exhibit long range order. In addition, NMR spectroscopy can provide important insight into the structure and function of the energy storage materials.
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