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A new synthesis strategy of highly porous, co-continuous MOF 74–polymer composite monoliths


Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are crystalline highly-porous materials with adjustable physicochemical preperties, offering great potential for selective gas capture applications. With the aim of transfering MOF powdered products into useful forms, a new synthetic approach for incorporating MOF phases into macroporous polymer matrices has been designed at the Nationa Institute of Chemistry. By combining Pickering emulsion polymerization and secondary recrystallization of polymer-embedded metal oxide nanoparticles into MOF-74 crystalline structures, unique hierarchical porous materials have been designed providing excellent CO2 capture capabilities. The syntegistic properties of the MOF structure and polymer foams allow for the synthesized adsorbents to have significantly improved working capacitites and kinetics for CO2 capture compared to the pristine MOF powders, as well as effective regeneration with the possibility of multiple uses.

The authors of the study "Metal Oxide-derived MOF-74 Polymer Composites through Pickering Emulsion-Templating: Interfacial recrystallization, Hierarchical architectures and CO2 capture performances" published in ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces are Nika Vrtovec, Sarah Jurjevec, Nataša Zabukovec Logar, Matjaž Mazaj in Sebastijan Kovačič.


For more information please contact: sebastijan.kovacic(at)


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