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Support and help during the war in Ukraine


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Every war is pointless. The casualties, the destruction, the wave of refugees, the insecurity, the fear, and the horror that people feel about it are all unprecedented cruelty. At the National Institute of Chemistry, we are appalled and concerned by the fact that such atrocities are occurring not far from our borders. With the military intervention, which is something completely unimaginable on European territory nowadays, we express our deep sympathy and solidarity with all those who have fallen under the spell of this tragedy.

The events we are witnessing in Ukraine stand in stark contrast to European and civilizational values of ensuring peace, freedom, security and prosperity for all people. As an institution, we are unconditionally committed to these values. Therefore, we condemn the military intervention in Ukraine and sincerely wish that this terrible situation can be resolved in a peaceful manner as soon as possible.

We will gladly offer our support and assistance to all our colleagues at the NIC and colleagues from Ukraine who are prevented from continuing their research work due to this situation.

Please check what kind of support do we offer >> HERE


Below is a call from our Ukrainian colleague Dr. Andrii Kostyniuk, researcher at the Department of Catalysis and Chemical Reaction Engineering:

Dear Slovenian Research Community,

as you all know, Ukraine is in flames, the war has already arrived in Europe. On February 24, Russian forces invaded Ukraine. It was hard for everyone to believe, but it happened. Currently, all universities and workplaces are closed until further notice. Some Ukrainians (most of them women and children) have left the country. The situation is developing and will have long-term consequences for the region, the EU and the whole world. This is a real war in Europe and it is totally unacceptable! Our colleagues, PhD students and young scientists have stayed in the bomb shelters, subways and basements these days.

I call on the academic community in Slovenia, in Europe and in the whole world to stand against the war, against the destruction of the foundations of peace, security and democracy. It is our common task - to defend democracy. We would greatly appreciate any help from Slovenian academic institutions. Above all, we appeal for the fastest possible integration of Ukrainian students, doctoral candidates and researchers into the Slovenian research and higher education system. This will contribute to a smooth flow of their educational and research work, which is paralysed by the war situation.

Ukrainians are very proud of their heritage and identity. They have managed to preserve their culture and religion despite being under Soviet rule for so many years. Ukrainians will fight until the last Russian tank leaves Ukraine.

I stand by the side of a united Ukraine and pray for the safety of my family and the Ukrainian people.

With tears and hugs and faith in the victory of Ukrainians.


Additional information regarding assistance to citizens of Ukraine in Slovenia:


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