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Development of biological tests and measurements of in vitro biological activity of (recombinant) proteins
EquipmentBSL2 laboratory for cell biology (2 LAFs, 2 CO2 incubators, multimodular plate reader, multi-mode reagent dispenser, invert microscope), multi-modular liquid N2 culture storage facility, fluorimeter, confocal microscope (D12).
FieldBiological and biochemical studies
PlatformAnalysis of biological samples
TechnicsDevelopment and qualification of the method, measurements of in vitro biological activity on cell cultures, hemolysis, calcein release experiments
Contactizr. prof. dr. Marjetka Podobnik
+386 1 4760 372

Establishment of in vitro biological tests and measurements of protein activity on cell cultures, determination of the pore-forming activity of proteins on erythrocytes (hemolysis) or artificial lipid vesicles by monitoring the release of calcein or the intrusion / release of other fluorescent molecules.



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