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Structural and chemical analysis of nanoparticles, ceramics and metals at the atomic level (Cs probe corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy - STEM)
EquipmentCs probe corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy  - STEM
FieldStructural and chemical analysis
TechnicsScanning transmission electron microscopy
Contact personGoran Dražić
+386 1 4760 514, +386 1 4760 555

With the state-of-the-art equipment, we can determine the crystal structure and chemical composition of crystallized inorganic materials at the atomic level. We can determine the presence of various crystal defects (dislocations, stacking faults, vacancies) and with energy dispersive  X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) and electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) we can determine the chemical composition, the distribution of individual elements and the valence state of some elements. With a special technique (tomography) we can perform 3D imaging.

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