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New Centre of Excellence MultiXscale


On January 1, we launched a new project called MultiXscale EuroHPC Centre of Excellence, coordinated by the National Institute of Chemistry. The project coordinator is Prof. Matej Praprotnik, Head of the Laboratory for Molecular Modeling. The project involves 13 partners from the academic and industrial sectors across Europe.

The goal of the MultiXscale EuroHPC Centre of Excellence is to increase the performance, productivity, and portability ("the three P's") of software and workflows for the full spectrum of scientists working in the field of multiscale simulation. It will shoulder much of the technical burden of developing and disseminating domain-relevant applications for (pre-)exascale by co-designing applications for exascale technologies and providing exascale-oriented libraries and services.The goal is to encourage the community to adopt battle-tested, future-oriented, scalable workflows and portable technologies. Together, these efforts will enable application developers to drive domain-relevant scientific innovation without being overwhelmed by technical details, and enable industrial and academic application users to effortlessly deploy leading-edge technologies on any computing resources they have access to.

To drive library and service development and demonstrate the scientific and industrial potential of true multiscale approaches, MultiXscale will pursue three pilot use cases of societal and industrial importance:

● helicopter design and certification for civil transportation,
● battery applications to support the sustainable energy transition,
● ultrasound for non-invasive diagnostics and biomedical applications.

Participating project partners:

Under the HORIZON-EUROHPC-JU -2021- COE -01 call, 10 centres of excellence have been established across Europe, covering a wide range of applications and use cases, including climate and weather, drug development, astrophysics and cosmology, plasma science and engineering.

More: Kick-off of 10 Centres of Excellence in HPC to support the transition towards exascale (



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