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Physicist Matej Praprotnik from Slovenia and architectural historian Jasenka Gudelj from Croatia share their experiences during their ERC Visiting Fellowships.
Business and academia demand boost in research funds (, 15. 10. 2020)
Sovenia's largest business association has entered a partnership with university chancellors and independent research institutes to urge the government to use EU recovery funds to boost investment in research and development.
Scientists at the National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana were among the first to begin looking for a vaccine (Sinfo, 3. 8. 2020)
Covid-1 9 also poses a challenge to scientists
“Excellent material for sorption-based solar energy storage” (, 15. 10. 2018)
Submitted by Baerbel Epp on October 15, 2018
Slovenian chemist receives prestigious ERC grant (, 6. 4. 2018)
Roman Jerala, a scientist from the National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana, has won a EUR 2.5 million European Research Council (ERC) grant to research man-made proteins over a period of five years.
New contribution of Slovenian science to the cellular treatment of inflammatory diseases (Sinfo, 14. 3. 2017)
An extraordinary research by the National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana
Science and Economy Go Hand in Hand
A few years ago, the Institute of Chemistry, an internationally renowned research organisation in the field of chemistry and related disciplines, adopted a strategy to win recognition as a knowledge and education provider in the international market as a part of its market activities. These studies are financed by foreign businesses. In the first five years, the share of exported
Project participants included students of biotechnology, biochemistry, microbiology, biology, medicine and, as a first this year, also computer science. The team was mentored by researchers from the National Institute of Chemistry, the EN-FIST Centre of Excellence and the University of Ljubljana.

The June issue of the Synfacts magazine published by Thieme, a German publishing company, contained an article highlighting the importance of the research work results achieved by the Laboratory for Organic and Medicinal…

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