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About the Institute

The Pregl Colloquium at the National Institute of Chemistry

The Pregl Colloquium was named after Friderik (Fritz) Pregl, a chemist and medical doctor of Slovenian origin. In 1923 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry “for his invention of the method of micro-analysis of organic substances”.

In this series of lectures we host distinguished scientists from all over the world, working in the field of chemistry and chemistry-related sciences. The lectures are open to a broad scientific communion and are advertised on our webpage, as well as at all research institutions in Ljubljana. The official language of the Pregl colloquium is English. The Colloquium takes place once a month in the Big Lecture Hall, usually on a third Thursday at 1 pm, if not stated otherwise. People interested in meeting the Pregl Lecturer are invited to contact the Pregl Colloquium coordinator, Prof. Dr. Nataša Novak Tušar (

Last ten Pregl colloquiums

Title of the Lecture: Biopolymers and their potential application in biomedicine
Title of the Lecture: Multi-scale simulations of electrochemical energy storage system
Title of the Lecture: Molecular Insight into the polyA tail machinery
Title of the Lecture: Earth-Abundant Materials for Nanoplasmonics
Lecture title: Accessing Innovative Polymers through Emulsion Templating Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Michael S. Silverstein …
Title of the Lecture: Catalyst Development Needs for Sustainable Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cells and…
Title of the Lecture: Synthetic RNA Chemistry – Ribozymes and Riboswitches INVITATION
Title of the Lecture: Regulation of Innate Immunity
Title of the Lecture: Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Applied to Food Chemistry INVITATION
Title of the Lecture: Nano-imaging chemical properties of materials INVITATION Link:…
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