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Entire list of Pregl Colloquiums

Title of the lecture:  Empowering Synthesis: From Unique Methods to Complex Natural Products
Title of the lecture: Sustainable batteries and electrocatalysts: paving the path to net zero
Title of the lecture: Advanced Applications of Photopolymerization VABILO
Title of the lecture: From AI-Biosening to Precision Medicine and Health INVITATION
Title of the lecture: Regulation of Innate Immunity INVITATION
Title of the lecture:  Surface catalysis beyond the binding site  Online gallery Downloads: INVITATION CV
Title of the lecture:   Special Sites in Special Environment - How to identify active species in catalysis? Online…
Title of the lecture:  Molecular Insight into the poly(A) tail machinery Online gallery Downloads: INVITATION CV
Title of the lecture:  Deciphering the intricate role of intrinsically disordered regions in transcription factor…
Title of the lecture:  Computational methods and tools in support of chemical safety assessment Online gallery Down…
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